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Creo 8.0 – The Leading 3D CAD Software in the Industry

Creo 8.0 helps you significantly accelerate product         

innovation,optimize designs, and replace assumptions

with facts. How? It offers groundbreaking advances in:

  • Generative Design

  • Real-Time Simulation

  • Multibody Design

  • Additive Manufacturing

Usability & Productivity Enhancements

Productivity enhancements in Creo 8.0 include:

  • Model tree enhancements (quilts, custom groups, sideby-side tree)

  • Snapshot features enable historical review

  • Hole feature improvements

  • Create multiple flat walls in sheet metal to a common definition 

  • Easier component management of purchased parts.

  • Render Studio offers the option to leverage supported GPUs

Generative Design

Generative Design in  Creo   allows engineers to rapidly

generate high quality manufacturable geometry in the fraction

of the time it would take traditional toolsand processes.

  Generative Topology Optimization (GTO):

​ GTO  replaces traditional  decisions with design criteria  and objectives allowing engineers to design  right the first time

Simulation Driven Design 

Creo real-time simulation gives your designers and engineers the ability to analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before they produce the first part.

Creo Simulation Live:

Creo Simulation Live guides engineers in real-time as they design.

Creo ANSYS Simulation:

Creo ANSYS Simulation is a high-fidelity tool that provides validation.

MBD & Detailing 

•  Streamline workflows to reduce time, errors, and cost,

    while you improve quality across the enterprise

•  Symbol modernization, including streamlined workflows,
    semantic definitions and symbol gallery.
•  GD&T Advisor support for assemblies and improved
    workflows for dimension creation.
•  Advanced surface collection capabilities for standalone 

• Enhanced detailing capabilities, with new sketching
   tools to convey design intent more easily.

Additive Manufacturing 

Creo 8.0 is offering broader Additive Manufacturing capabilities

in Stochastic Lattices helping to resolve issues with weight, strength, efficiency, and much more.

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