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Eureka performs complete  G-code  3D simulation of CNC  machine tools through a simple yet intuitive graphical interface.

Eureka G-Code simulates the actual G-code to be sent to the machine, regardless of how it was created, manually or post-processed by a CAM system. The G-code program is verified inside a complete 3D-simulation of the machine tool through a simple and intuitive graphical interface


Eureka Robot allows to combine the flexibility of a 6-axes robot with a the technology of CNC machine centers for milling, deburring, gluing, washing up to additive manufacturing application. Eureka calculates and simulates the optimal movements of the robots and external axes.

EUREKA robot

EUREKA chronos

Increase production capacity & profits with just one mouse click! Save up to 30% machining time. Reduce tool cost, vibrations and power spikes. Eureka Chronos optimizes your G-code programs while taking into account the tools and stock properties. Works with all g-code programs.

EUREKA additive

Eureka Additive is a complete software solution for DED and FFF additive manufacturing  with 5-axis additive tool-paths and thermal simulation for CNC machines and robots with all kinematics. Multidirectional slicing. Cylindrical slicing. Shape of revolution. Pipes.



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