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Vuforia Chalk 

Quickly deliver remote-guided Augmented Reality (AR) assistance with PTC’s Vuforia Chalk.

Vuforia Studio
Vuforia Expert Capture

What is Vuforia Chalk?

Vuforia Chalk is a simple, intuitive tool that brings  workforce together to solve problems on the devices they use today. Accessibility and ease of use makes Chalk the most effective “gateway” solution for deploying enterprise AR

How does Vuforia chalk work ?

Both expert and technician can accurately mark up live views to highlight details or guide multi-step solutions. Chalk Marks stick where drawn, reducing potentially costly mistakes. Power your organization’s experts to:

  • Communicate with internal employees or assist customers facing complex or unfamiliar challenges

  • Enable expert guidance anywhere without incurring cost of travel for your technicians

  • Draw digital annotations that accurately anchor to physical objects

How does Vuforia Chalk help my organization?

The Chalk app enables the industrial enterprise to rapidly and cost-effectively get augmented reality in the hands of service and operations technicians with the mobile devices they have today.

  • Manufacturing and Service – empower technicians with remote expert guidance for service, step-by-step assembly or inspection

  • On-the-Job Training – increase information retention and accuracy with ad-hoc assistance from a supervisor or trainer while a new technician completes first-time activities

 Vuforia Chalk out of box assistance.

  • Advanced 3D annotation anchoring

  • Simple, intuitive user experience

  • Designed for devices deployed in the field today

  • Built by the global leader in enterprise AR


Product Brief

AR Remote Assistance Beyond “See What I See”

Rapidly transfer problem-solving guidance and expertise to your equipment operations, and service teams with Vuforia Chalk. It’s a powerful and intuitive way for your organization’s experts…



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Is your organization currently using AR for service and support? If not , it is ideal time to start using Vuforia Chalk .

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Case Study

Vuforia Chalk Enable in Toyota 

Vuforia Chalk resolved Toyota’s need for better safety and communications in their manufacturing plants, while also discovering additional use-cases for the tool across other departments.

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