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Maker plus logo.jpg
Maker plus logo.jpg

Extending the functionality of Carveco® Maker, Carveco® Maker Plus (+) features an expanded toolkit specifically aimed at production environments with an emphasis on speed, repeatability and material cost savings.

Why Carveco?

Carveco Maker’s simple yet powerful design and make features guide you through the entire process, from conceptual sketch to finished design. It’s the perfect introduction for woodworkers, sign-makers or makers looking to produce artistic, personalised products on their own CNC hardware.

If your business relies on ArtCAM’s many powerful design and manufacturing tools, using Carveco™ software is your next, fully-supported step.

Carveco Maker+ Features

Identify Problem Vectors

The Vector Doctor helps you identify

any potential problems with your vector artwork before you try to machine it.

Smooth out rough relief artwork
Run smoothing passes over low-quality relief artwork to remove imperfections
Relief From Greyscale

Carveco maker lets you create 3D relief models from imported Greyscale artwork.

Nest Parts to Save Material

 Position large numbers of letters or shapes  for efficient  cutting  from one or multiple sheets of material, reducing waste and saving money. 

Automatically Generate Vectors

Automatically create machinable vectors from imported non-vector images with the Bitmap to Vector tool.

Invert relief artwork
Easily invert relief models to produce Male and Female parts or simple molds.
Total Vector Control

From Vector Clipping, to effortless offsets and fillets – have total control over your vectors with powerful editing features.

Introductory 3D Design

 Apply fades to your relief artwork, create complex weaves and smooth model imperfections through directly sculpting on your model with the included tools.

Maker Gallery.png
Over 600 plus 3D model  reliefs included  Free Of Charge !!

Machining Strategies 


Bevel Carving

Also known as ‘Prismatic Lettering’, Maker’s Bevel Carving feature allows you create proud-standing letters or features on your design.


V-Bit Carving

Fast, efficient toolpaths for V-carved designs . Preview your design within the simulation before machining, limit the tool depth and add a roughing tool 




Make allows you to create Laser toolpaths with adjustable controls for slices and angles.

Raised Round Machining

Raised Round strategies allow you to precisely machine specific surfaces of your model, with control over the optimum height, width, shape and taper of an edge or surface.


Multi Plate 

Create multiple designs from the same base-artwork with variable text or numbers from plate-to-plate. Data can be imported as either a CSV or text file, particularly useful for standardised signage such as hotel room numbers.


Quickly cut-out your design using profile cuts. Add bridges (breakout tabs), control the depth of your cut with ramped lead moves and profile allowances.



Carveco® Maker includes inbuilt support for drilling toolpaths with options for Peck drilling denser materials to avoid clogging up your bits.




Create perfectly inlaid parts with easily adjustable allowances (without needing to offset the vectors) and auto-calculated corner radius.

Texture Toolpaths

Combine the geometry of your tools with the Texture Toolpath feature of Maker+ to to add intricate textures, hand-crafted ridges and exotic patterns to your designs, in just a few minutes.


Fluting allows you to precisely control ramping moves for gradually deeper material cuts. Perfect for creating channels or cool material effects


Relief Machining 

Machine 3D artwork with Spiral or Raster 3D machining strategies with the option to use a selected vector as a boundary.

Enhanced Machining.jpg

Enhanced Machining


Machine 3D artwork with Spiral or Raster 3D machining strategies with the option to use a selected vector as a boundary.

Drill Banks

Enhanced support for drilling Drill numerous holes simultaneously (on supported CNC hardware) along with coutersinking, counterboring and peck drilling.


Toolpath Panalling

No longer be limited by the size of your machine bed, larger jobs can be broken down into multiple panels, cut individually and assembled to form your larger, over-size piece.

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