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Vuforia Expert Capture 

Increase workforce productivity using augmented reality with PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture.

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What is Vuforia Expert Capture?

Use Vuforia Expert Capture to easily create powerful step-by-step instructions that help frontline workers get their jobs done quickly, safely and accurately.

How does Vuforia help my organization?

With Vuforia Expert Capture, the experience and skills of expert employees can become the standard operating procedure for all other employees in your organization.

With this tool you can:

  • Create powerful and location-specific augmented reality (AR) guidance for frontline workers

  • Quickly capture critical procedures from an expert’s point-of-view without any pre-existing requirements

  • Boost effectiveness of your operators and technicians with hands-free guidance


Product Brief

Transformational Workforce Productivity

Vuforia Expert Capture is an end-to-end augmented reality solution that empowers frontline workers to deliver step-by-step procedural guidance to get the job done quickly, accurately, and safely…



Empower front-line workers with hands-free AR procedures

PTC is expanding its Augmented Reality (AR) solutions with another powerful Vuforia product – Vuforia Expert Capture. The technology allows an expert or skilled worker to…


Case Study

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Select the right AR product with confidence by using this buyer’s guide to make your decision. The buyer’s guide helps you identify

must-have capabilities for your AR projects…

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